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Warm Greetings!! Now that has restored   BunkhouseBooks.com, we’ll add ASAP, those “Other Authors” we’ve had in mind.

We expect to include these close associates, Word-Smiths of our own non-fiction persuasion, so you may contact them via their emails:

Professor Judd Burton, PhD: professorburton@yahoo.com  The Institute of Biblical Anthropology: a virtual institute on the web for about eight years, will soon be tangible, hopefully on nearby terra firma. www.tioba.org/

Luann Grice with husband Bobby, lobomules@gmail.com breed and raise LongEars in Snyder, Texas—are Biblical teachers at heart, and recently sponsored their 5th Annual Long-Ears Benefit trail-ride http://benrichey.org/long-ear-benefit-trail-ride// Luann currently has “Work In Progress” from experiences raising 4 boys and 4 granddaughter, a collection of original object lessons for children!

Renalee Colon, renalees@wheretheglorywalks.com is currently updating  “Gospel of Shalom.”

see www.WhereTheGloryWalks.com FULL OF FREE STUFF! Freely received, freely received Matthew 10:8

No promises on Genealogy:

Martin Genealogy and Nalley Genealogy – long-range “perhaps”

Starkey Genealogy With History-from Oxcart to Space Shuttle–Hopeful we might offer their existing limited edition copies Bunkhouse Books has already published.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion in this website, please contact: bunkhouse@wtconnet.com


"Bronc in the Parlor"

by Bettye Martin-McRae
illustrated by Ace Reid

Floyd Martin was a master of the art of bronc busting with a strong minor in braggadocio showoff. The author suspected Ace Reid hid behind the outhouse, gleaning ideas for Cowpokes from her daddy’s tomfoolery. Thus the mischief in Floyd’s roguish personality could be accurately captured by none but the expert pen of the self-proclaimed Greatest Cowboy Cartoonist in the World, Ace Reid. (Ask any collector of Cowpokes if the claim is valid!)

Yes, young Floyd really captured the elusive wild stallion with that little burro, and really did bring his broncs into the living room to prove they were “..as polished as Mary’s new hardwood floors!” — (Includes Ace Reid cartoons and old photos for proof!)

Paperback = $15.00 + p/h

“Bronc in the Parlor is clear evidence that Bettye Martin-McRae is the best lady storyteller in the U.S. of A.”

Bob Lewis
(“Tumbleweed Smith”)
Radio Broadcaster / Interviewer

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